What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning(ML) brings in the computer, which is in the area of artificial intelligence(AI), the capability to learn without writing code beforehand. Machine learning builds on the idea that computers can be used as a tool for solving problems and provides a way for them to learn from experience and improve performance with each iteration.

The computer learns from data it has been exposed to predict future outcomes or other information not yet observed but in the same domain. Typically, it involves the use of various techniques related to statistical machine learning whose purpose is to find revealing patterns in data in large quantities and seek correlations with other parameters.

Before machine learning, computers have always worked by teaching data such as what to do and when to do with code before. On the other hand, with machine learning, the computer is allowed to decide by making predictions on its own by using some information such as probabilities and statistics. Therefore, data science and machine learning are directly related to each other.

Why is Machine Learning Used?

Machine learning is used for training AI algorithms with data. Recently, learners have been interested in both supervised and unsupervised machine learning.
The key is to provide the network with enough patterns until it begins to recognize patterns and extract some insight automatically. The automatic sorting of patterns can be useful, but could potentially lead the algorithm to take over (similarly to how AlphaGo beats human experts). Moreover, there are some important machine learning examples such as Google machine learning, AWS machine learning, Azure machine learning.

In machine learning, data provides variation within itself, and so the performance of your model often varies with a probability function value or your error rate. The sole purpose of machine learning is to create a model that can generalize the data in your hand with high performance. Decision Trees, which are one of the most popular, Logistic Regression and Linear Regression, are just some of them.

What are Types of Machine Learning?
Studies carried out within the scope of machine learning are a sub-branch of the concept of artificial intelligence. Likewise, machine learning is divided into many sub-fields. The most well-liked and most significant of these is supervised learning. In addition, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning are other important ones. Depending on the task to be completed, some models are more suitable and perform better than others.

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1- Supervised Learning

In this type of learning, the correct result at each data point is clearly labeled while the model is being trained. This means that the learning algorithm has already responded while reading the data. Rather than finding answers, it is aimed for finding out the correlation between the data. In this way, when unassigned data indicators are encountered, they can be accurately classified or estimated.

In a context where data indicators are constantly linked, such as the price of a stock over time, a regression learning algorithm can be used to predict the data indicator.

2- Unsupervised Learning

In this model, no response is given to the learning algorithm during training. The aim is to find meaningful relationships between data indicators. The importance of this form of learning lies in discovering the connections between patterns and data.

3- Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning, which is one of the most well-known types, is a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning. It is often used to solve more complex problems and needs to interact with an environment. The data is provided by the environment and the algorithm is made to respond and learn.
The most important reason why machine learning (ML) has become so important and popular today is the idea of being able to solve many problems that people have not been able to solve until now, with the help of computers. 

In the background knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and programming such as python is necessary. In addition, there will be many more steps waiting for you to understand, visualize and decide on your data. You can get a course to learn more in this area.

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