Core Java Programming Language

Core Java Programming Language

About Java Course

Java programming language is a high level, object oriented and general purpose computer programming language. Java is similar to C++ but something is completely different from C++ Using java you can write computer applications , games, utility software and also java is a platform for android OS and its applications.


Java has something like the human brain. Its name is   “Software Development Kit”.


Java is very easy to learn but if you don’t practice you will not be able to type any code. Any code in Java can work on every platform. (Mac, Windows, etc..) There are many programming languages in the world. The most common ones are Java, Python, and C#. But among those, Java is the most common one in the USA and Europe, as well. After learning Java, learning Python will take a couple of weeks. WHY? Because the logic is completely the same just the syntax will be different.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language.For example, in Starbucks, employees are not important because it created a perfect system. Even a kid can prepare perfect coffee. But in a traditional restaurant (Turkish Pide Restaurant) if the cooker is perfect, the pide will be perfect. In real life, the Starbucks system is the best but in coding, OOP is the best because it is possible to create perfect objects.Perfect objects will do perfect tasks. Because of that, in coding, we prefer Object-Oriented Logic.

Java Building Blocks

Understanding the Java Class Structure

Fields and Methods
Classes vs. Files

Writing a main() Method
Understanding Package Declarations and Imports

Redundant Imports
Naming Conflicts
Creating a New Package
Code Formatting on the Exam

Creating Objects
Distinguishing Between Object References and Primitives
Declaring and Initializing Variables
Accordion Content
Understanding Default Initialization of Variables
Understanding Variable Scope
Ordering Elements in a Class
Destroying Objects
Benefits of Java

Operators and Statements

Understanding Java Operators
Working with Binary Arithmetic Operators
Working with Unary Operators
Using Additional Binary Operators
Understanding Java Statements
Understanding Advanced Flow Control

Core Java APIs

Creating and Manipulating Strings
Using the StringBuilder Class
Understanding Equality
Understanding Java Arrays
Understanding an ArrayList
Working with Dates and Times

Methods and Encapsulation

Designing Methods
Working with Varargs
Applying Access Modifiers
Passing Data Among Methods
Overloading Methods
Creating Constructors
Encapsulating Data
Writing Simple Lambdas

Class Design

Introducing Class Inheritance
Creating Abstract Classes
Implementing Interfaces
Understanding Polymorphism


Understanding Exceptions
Using a try Statement
Recognizing Common Exception Types
Calling Methods That Throw Exceptions

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